Obama's secret service agent "passed out drunk"

Three members of U.S secret services tasked with protecting U.S. President Barack Obama have been sent home for "disciplinary reasons," the BBC is reporting.

Source: BBC

The incident happened in the Netherlands, before Obama arrived there on Monday.

The Washington Post said that one was found drunk and passed out in the hallway of an Amsterdam hotel.

A spokesperson for the service "declined to give details but said the three had been put on administrative leave pending an investigation," the British broadcaster said.

According to the report, the new scandal could have a negative influence on the service's reputation.

In 2013 two agents were removed from Obama's security amid allegations of sexual harassment, and in 2012 several agents were dismissed following allegations that they hired prostitutes while in Colombia, the BBC noted.

U.S. Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan confirmed that three agents were sent home for disciplinary reasons, without providing more details, but added that the U.S. president's security had not been compromised in any way.


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