"International law was broken when Serbia was attacked"

Gerhard Schroeder has admitted that "like the situation in Crimea," the NATO attack on Serbia in 1999 was also a violation of international law.

Source: Tanjug

"What is happening in Crimea is a violation of international law," the former German chancellor said during a gathering organized by the the weekly Die Zeit in Hamburg, while not wishing to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Schroeder, however, said that as Germany's chancellor during the Yugoslav conflict he was violating international law.

"We sent our planes there... against Serbia, and together with NATO forces bombed a sovereign state, and at the same time there was no decision of the UN Security Council..." Schroeder was quoted as saying, stressing that this was the reason he was "careful with pointing the finger"and that in both cases a violation of the UN Charter had formally occurred.

Schroeder expressed skepticism when it comes to the motives of the former head of the Ukrainian government, Yulia Tymoshenko, noting that "no one knows what kind of material interests she has," and warning of the danger that financial support, that he was in favor of giving, "could go along the wrong channels."

Schroeder again criticized the European Union and said that leadership of the European Commission did not realize that Ukraine was one "culturally divided country."

He added he "wondered if it was right to make one culturally divided country such as Ukraine" choose between the association agreement with the EU and the customs union with Russia.


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