Hungarian PM urges "EU-Russia reset"

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who recently signed a major nuclear deal with Russia, has called on the EU to "reset its ties with Moscow."

Source: Beta, AFP

"The EU has to rebuild its ties with Russia in a pragmatic manner, because the EU needs energy for its sustainable economic development," Orban told a conference of central bankers in Budapest.

He noted that he was "an old anti-communist," but added: "If Europe fails to do its utmost to secure Russian energy, I am not sure how it is going to supply its economy."

Orban, whose country is an EU member, and Russian President Vladimir Putin on January 14 signed an agreement on cooperation on nuclear energy, according to which Russia will build two new reactors at Hungary's Paks nuclear power plant and loan the country up to EUR 10 billion to pay for it.

The deal prompted strong criticism from some quarters.


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