New terrorist attack claims 15 lives in Russian town

A new terrorist attack took place in the southern Russian town of Volgograd, only a day after an explosion that killed 17.

Source: B92

At least 15 persons died on Monday morning when an explosive device was detonated in a trolleybus, while 27 were injured.

The Russian media are reporting that a five-year-old child is among the victims.

Officials are also quoted as saying that there is a great chance that today's attack was connected to the one that took place at the railway station on Sunday, when 17 persons died, including the terrorist, a woman "suicide bomber."

It has been reported that "Chechen mujahideens" are behind both attacks, and that their goal is "to prevent the holding of the Winter Olympics in Sochi."

Russian news agencies also said that President Vladimir Putin has sent Federal Security Service (FSB) chief Aleksandr Bortnikov to Volgograd.


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