Six dead in terrorist attack in southern Russia

A female suicide bomber on Monday detonated explosives aboard a passenger bus in the Russian region of Volgograd, killing six people.

Izvor: Russia Today, Itar-Tass

Itar-Tass is reporting that the she was the common-law wife of "a militant."

33 people have been injured in the attack, ten of those severely, the authorities said.

A total of 40 passengers were on the bus, including a 20-month-old toddler, whose injuries are said to be "moderately severe."

Russia Today said that the terrorist was reportedly "Naida Akhiyalova, from Dagestan. "

The website quoted a National Anti-terrorist Committee official as saying: "Today (Monday) at 2:05pm Moscow time in Volgograd inside a bus, as a result of an unknown explosive device going off, a blast happened, leading to casualties."


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