French president disagrees with Merkel’s EU policy

French President Francois Hollande has stated that he does not agree with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her European policy.

Source: Tanjug

“Merkel does not have the same ideas as I do but we need to make sure that Europe is moving forward,” Hollande has said in a TV interview, adding that he and Merkel had differences regarding the austerity policy.

The French president has rejected rigorous austerity measures but has pointed out that it is necessary to cut the spending.

Commenting on relations between France and Germany, Hollande assessed that there was a “friendly tension” between the two countries.

Commenting on federal elections in Germany scheduled for September 22 and Merkel’s possible re-election, he said that one should not interfere with other people’s business and stressed that he would not do what others had done to him during the election campaign in France last year.

Merkel openly supported Hollande’s opponent, former President Nicolas Sarkozy during the campaign.


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