Bill Clinton candidate for Nobel Peace Prize

A record 259 candidates are in the race to win this year's Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Institute in Oslo has announced.

Source: Beta

Among them is Bill Clinton.

The former American president will have 208 individuals and 50 organizations as his competition.

Norwegian Nobel Institute Director Geir Lundestad said that the "upward" trend when it comes to the number of candidates almost every year “reflects a growing interest for the prize".

The previous record number of candidates - 241 - was in 2011.

The list of candidates for the Nobel Prize remains "a secret" - but those who nominated a person or an organization are at liberty to reveal their identity.

Joining Clinton this year is Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai, European organizations for protection of human rights, including the Russian NGO Memorial, and Myanmar's leader Thein Sein.


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