Syrian president rejects external solution for crisis

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says only Syrians can resolve the crisis in the country and that he will not accept any solution imposed from outside.

Source: Tanjug

“No non-Syrian model is acceptable because no one but us knows how to solve the problem," Assad told Iranian TV.

Referring to strained relations with Turkey following the Syria's shooting down of one of its military fighter planes, Assad said there was a difference between the stance of Turkish officials and the positive view of Turkish people towards Syria.

"The responsibility of the Syrian government is to protect all of our residents. You have a responsibility to annihilate terrorists in any corner of the country," Assad said.

"When you eliminate a terrorist, it's possible that you are saving the lives of tens, hundreds, or even thousands," he added.

The statement comes in a moment when violence in Syria has increased and tensions are running high in the country’s relations with Turkey, Reuters has reported.

Turkey has deployed weapons to the border with Syria after the country shot down a Turkish fighter jet.

The Western countries and governments of the Arabic countries have increased diplomatic activities ahead of a meeting in Geneva on Saturday.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have not been invited to the meeting on Syria and diplomats say that the meeting will focus on a transition plan that should open the door to the forming of a national unity government.


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