EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg

EU foreign ministers will meet in Luxembourg mostly to discuss Syria, but two topics related to the Balkans will also be on the agenda of the two-day meeting.

Source: Tanjug

Ministers will discuss Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be called upon to implement the constitutional changes necessary to continue its EU integration.

On Tuesday, they will discuss giving Montenegro a date for the start of membership negotiations.

If all 27 Ministers agree that Montenegro had fulfilled the requirements of the European Union related to combating corruption and organized crime, an EU summit of heads of state and governments will at the end of the week approve the start of accession talks.

As previously announced, the first day of the ministerial meeting will consider the situation in Syria and Egypt. It is expected that they will decide on a new tightening of sanctions against Syria, and will call on the military in Egypt to stop obstructing the process of election of civilian authorities.


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