Moscow airport terrorist "hesitated for 15 minutes"

The suicide bomber at Moscow's Domodedovo was hanging around the arrival zone for about 15 minutes before blowing himself up, an investigations source said.

Source: Ria novosti

The terrorist mixed with the crowd and pretended to be waiting for somebody for 15 minutes, the investigator said, adding that the man kept his left hand in his pocket. "It is being determined whether a suspected woman, who was also killed [in the explosion], was the terrorist's accomplice," RIA Novosti reports.

As of Thursday, 123 injured people still remain in hospitals, and the death toll of 35 has not changed.

Earlier on Monday, Russian Kommersant daily citied a police source as saying that investigators had compiled a list of up to 10 possible suspects allegedly involved in the terrorist attack.

Investigators have identified the first suspect behind the attack as a Russian resident of the southern Stavropol region, the daily said.

The suspect, whose surname was revealed as Razdobudko, was allegedly a member of the Nogai Jamaat terrorist group, which was broken up in October, 2010, the paper said.

The source said Razdobudko could be one of the organizers or even one of the perpetrators of Monday's attack.

No group has yet taken responsibility for the deadly blast, which comes less than 12 months after two female suicide bombers from the volatile North Caucasus struck the Moscow subway in a twin suicide bombing, killing dozens.


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