Flying Circus in Great Britain; Got 5th generation fighters, no one knows to fly them

The Royal Air Force of Great Britain has received new fifth-generation stealth fighters, but there are no pilots who can fly them.

Source: B92, M.S., bulgarianmilitary

Three F-35Bs landed on the island to assume a role in the country's defense. With these, Britain now has 26 operational fighters. London is due to field a combat defense unit of 47 fighter jets in the coming years, as planned.

There were supposed to be 48, but one fighter jet crashed, leaving 47. Sources say the British will acquire seven more F-35Bs in 2023, and all 47 will be acquired by the end of 2025.

Britain intends to buy more of them. The original idea of ​​the British was to acquire a total of 138 fighters. Some political insiders in London believe that number is achievable. More information on exact numbers will be available sometime in 2025 when all 47 fighters are operationally ready. Most likely then it will become clear how many fifth generation stealth fighters Britain will want to finally order.

The statements of various politicians on the island say that it is most realistic to reach the total number of 80 stealth fighters, but these are figures that are currently only speculated about. However, Britain must first solve another, more serious problem. When you have the money, buying an airplane is the easiest thing in the whole program. London still needs to find pilots to fly them.

The UK's pilot training program is in deep trouble. The problem appears to be more of an administrative nature than a human resource problem. There are candidates, but suddenly the qualification for training in the program stretched to more than five years, while the original idea was a maximum of three years. Britain has failed to keep the pilot problem within its borders.

A military investigation has been launched into why the British are training Chinese pilots who their "western colleagues" consider potential enemies and who could at some point oppose them in the air.

As a consequence, USA has not made a decision to suspend the delivery of F-35 aircraft, but "just in case" part of the agreed fighters will remain "parked in the garage", according to Bulgarianmilitary.

The British media are wondering if the huge amount of money will end up being wasted. It is obvious that, primarily due to the lack of pilots, the F-35 fighters will be "inactive" for the foreseeable future, and on the other hand, the merger of the programs between Japan and Great Britain in developing the next generation aircraft has been agreed.

It will take about ten years to build the first prototype, but it is believed that this could happen much faster as both nations work diligently with the aim of developing a modern advanced fighter.


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