Tough fight: Taliban haven't conquered all of Afghanistan, one province still resists

The Taliban system 2.0 will be very strict.

Source: Jutarnji list
Tanjug/AP Photo/Rahmat Gul
Tanjug/AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

The Taliban have announced that they will call that newly established system the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, where it will be very strictly viewed from the position of the concept of human rights as we know it in the West, "Jutarnji list" reports.

Such a system will prohibit all possible types of entertainment, listening to music and the like. But, that is nothing compared to serious violations of human rights and the way of punishing dissidents, which is quite severe - they cut off hands and feet for theft, whip adulterers for infidelity, stone them and the like.

It is true that the Taliban has changed since 1996, but was it just to adapt to the moment? In government areas, girls were allowed to attend school. But only on the basis of the Taliban program. That is why even now we can expect that their way of governing will be sharp and contrary to the liberal democracy that is desired and lived in the West. We will soon find out where their threshold of intolerance will be.

Everything will be regulated by Sharia law and their understanding of that law in which women have much less rights than anywhere else in the world. Although they now promise greater women's rights, they will still be extremely bad and low. What will surely be different this time are order and organization.

"Have the Taliban changed? No."

Earlier, the Taliban did not care about statehood and institutions. After they conquered the country by raid, it was much harder to manage it. According to their statements, it is expected that this time they will be better organized and will manage better than they did during the first rule.

They are not currently offering a transitional government as it would be a step backwards, but they may be pragmatic to leave some ministries from the previous government. In terms of international relations, the Taliban will receive various militants into its territory, but this time they could gain better control. The first time they ruled, they did not care about the militants on their territory, and they even cooperated with some of them. When it comes to regional relations, it will be interesting to follow what their relationship with external sponsors will be like and how much they will terrorize other minorities like the Khazars.

Independence Day, shootings and a stampede. There are dead.

They currently have an agreement with China over ores and with Pakistan over transportation routes. They were first recognized by several countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Then they built an independent, isolated system, but now they are aware that most countries will not recognize them. That is why they want to be open, they want to cooperate and make new ties with the United States. If isolated, it will be difficult to develop the economy.

It is also important to emphasize that not all of Afghanistan has fallen. Many forget the Panjshir Valley, northeast of Kabul, which is the main stronghold of the Taliban opposition. Even during the first rule, the Taliban could not defeat those five percent of the territory. The Northern Alliance was formed by the Tajiks, Khazars and Uzbeks.

"They will not surrender even now and will be the main resistance movement inside Afghanistan. But the open question remains how much strength they will have and how much they will be helped by the international community in order to continue fighting," said Robert Mikac, a security expert and a former commander in Afghanistan, and an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb.


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