Warning for Europe: Your soil is full of chemicals, Hezbollah designed a plan

Counterterrorism Coordinator of the U.S. State Department, Nathan Sales, accused Hezbollah of storing chemicals in European countries

Source: Tanjug

He added that explosives can be made from those chemicals. That is why Sales calls on countries in Europe, but also around the world, to introduce bans on this organization.

"Why would Hezbollah keep ammonium nitrate on European soil? The answer is clear: Hezbollah has put those weapons there so that it can carry out major terrorist attacks whenever it or its masters in Tehran deem it necessary," Sales said.

He stated that Hezbollah operatives have moved ammonium nitrate stocks from Belgium to France, Greece, Italy and Spain in the past years, and that it is suspected that they will continue to store material throughout Europe, AP reports.

At an online forum organized by the American Jewish Committee, Sales said that the United States suspects that these stocks are still in Europe, most likely in Greece, Italy and Spain.

He said Hezbollah was "a unitary organization that cannot be divided into a military and a so-called political wing."

"Without a complete ban, the group can still raise money and recruit operatives," Sale said, adding that Hezbollah is "one organization" and that it is a "terrorist organization."

Sales made his comments six weeks after a warehouse full of ammonium nitrate exploded in the port of Beirut, when about 190 people were killed and more than 6.000 were injured.


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