"Arabs are Islamizing Kosovo before KFOR's eyes"

Deutsche Welle is quoting German press reports that are analyzing the influence of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the Balkans.

Source: Deutsche Welle
(Getty Images, file)
(Getty Images, file)

Die Welt writes that all this is taking place "before KFOR's eyes."

In the article, published under the headline, "Arabs are financing Islamists in the Balkans," the daily said that "missionary organizations from Saudi Arabia are active in Kosovo, spreading the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam there, for example, by sending preachers."

Sevim Dagdelen, a member of the German parliament from the Left Party, has warned that before the eyes of KFOR, Kosovo has developed into a center of Islamist terrorism in the region. "It is scandalous that, thanks to the presence of German troops, Saudi preachers of hate and violence have been able to, unimpeded, set up the ideological foundation for this," she stressed.

"The German government is asked not to sugarcoat the situation in Kosovo and do away with any ambiguity before the public when it comes to concrete numbers regarding the recruitment of people to Islamist terrorist networks such as Islamic State, and other organizations, in the area of KFOR," Dagdelen added.

According to the findings of the German government, the conflict between the Turkish ruling party AKP and the Gulen Movement has transferred "to the Balkan states Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo."

"Dagdelen is convinced that in Kosovo, in the field of KFOR's activity, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a free hand for his Neo-Ottoman imperial policy, and that he also uses the possibility of his influence in Kosovo for political purges," writes Die Welt.


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