Turning point on compulsory vaccination; "If experts say, we will listen"

As soon as they introduced mandatory vaccination, with great difficulty, Austria is considering suspending this decision.

Source: Tanjug

"If the experts of the commission that the government is supposed to appoint decide to cancel the compulsory vaccination, we will listen to that," he said.

Nehammer said that the law is constantly being analyzed, which is required by the governors of the provinces.

"As long as experts say that the vaccine is a key tool, mandatory vaccination remains in force. However, if they propose to the government to repeal the law, it will be done," he explained.

The commission of experts mentioned by Nehammer has not been established yet. Nehammer underlined for ORF that mandatory vaccination is a perfect tool, as well as that the Law is well drafted and can react flexibly to any situation, as flexibly as a virus.

"That is why we decided to establish a commission of experts as an advisory body, in order to constantly analyze the compliance with the Constitution and whether the measure is still necessary, especially whether vaccination is the right tool in the fight against the virus," he said.

When it comes to the announced lottery for vaccinated people, through which every tenth vaccinated citizen would receive a voucher of 500 euros for the received dose of vaccine against the coronavirus, Nehammer said that he would give it up. He suggested that the money provided for that purpose be forwarded to the people who made a significant contribution in the fight against the pandemic. Specifically, he means health personnel, caregivers, but also the military and police.

He pointed out that the lottery was proposed at the request of the Social Democratic Party of Austria (ÖVP) as an incentive, and that it should have taken place through the public service ORF.

However, ORF refused to conduct the lottery, which was an obstacle to the implementation of this plan.


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