"COVID-19 Pandemic threatens international peace and security"

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned members of the UN Security Council that coronavirus pandemic is threatening international peace and security

Source: Tanjug
Ilustracija: GettyImages/ Tomohiro Ohsumi
Ilustracija: GettyImages/ Tomohiro Ohsumi

Mr. Guterres told the UN Security Council the pandemic could potentially lead “to an increase in social unrest and violence that would greatly undermine our ability to fight the disease”.

“The engagement of the Security Council will be critical to mitigate the peace and security implications of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Guterres told council members during the videoconference, as AP reports.

On March 23, Guterres issued a call for an immediate global cease-fire to help focus efforts on fighting the virus.

“This could lead to an escalation of violence and possibly devastating miscalculations, which could further entrench ongoing wars and complicate efforts to fight the pandemic,” he said.

In a statement after the meeting, council members expressed their support for the secretary-general‘s efforts concerning the potential impact of the pandemic and “recalled the need for unity and solidarity with all those affected.”


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