Drama in Serbia, and chaos is yet to come. Warning in force: "Disaster" PHOTO/VIDEO

Due to the heavy rain and river overflows in Prijepolje and Sjenica, a state of emergency has been declared, as water levels rise, most critical in Bukres.

Source: Tanjug

New abundant inflows are arriving from Montenegro, so another embankment was built on Lim to protect Brodarevo.

Members of the Department for Emergency Situations, "Srbijavode" and the municipality are securing places where the peak of the flood wave is expected during the day, reports RTS.

"Due to heavy rainfall, Lim is growing at a high speed and is currently at 323 centimeters," said Milorad Spasojević from the Administration for Fire and Rescue Units.

He said that the tributaries of Lim have also risen, so that the river above Brodarevo also overflowed, so this morning a mother with six children was evacuated from that area and transferred to a safe place, the media reports.

"We have a new rise in the water level on the Lim, we expect it to rise until noon... At the moment, we have no houses at risk. If the Lim continues to rise, we have two houses where water will enter," Goran Puzović, director of the Public Company "Srbijavode", told Prva TV.

He said that serious rain fell and that we currently have no material damage.

After Prijepolje, the Lim river, whose water level rises hour by hour, also causes huge problems in Priboj.

The water has spilled in several places, and threatens to endanger some residential buildings located in the river basin.

"The water at the mini-hydro power plant in the town of Banjski čamac spilled onto the main road leading to Priboj. It is a black spot when we talk about overflowing rivers in our territory, and because of the lower terrain, there is often flooding. At the moment, the crossing is only possible with off-road vehicles", said member of the municipal council Dragan Ljeljen.

He added that if heavy rainfall continues to flow into the riverbed, it may cause bigger problems.

"The Lim level is currently stagnant, but if heavy rain continues in Montenegro, it threatens to endanger the barracks located in the river basin," said Ljeljen.

Heavy rain fell throughout the night on the territory of the municipalities of Sjenica and Raška and contributed to the re-increase in the water level of the rivers.

Due to the overflowing of the Grabovica river, Sjenica has declared a state of emergency. The water level of the Ibar in Raška is also rising.

"We spent the whole night awake. In the last 75 years, I don't remember such a flood and storm. We were hit by a disaster. All the things we had in our houses are full of water," a resident of Sjenica told the media.

Members of the emergency department and local residents were also on duty last night due to the possible overflowing of the river, as well as repairing the damage caused during yesterday. It is still the most critical in the Bukres neighborhood where more than 40 houses were flooded yesterday.

The heavy rain contributes to slightly more difficult driving conditions, and a larger amount of water is noticeable on the roadways in some places. The water level of the Drina is also rising.

The Republic Hydrometeorological Institute warned that in the area of Kosovo and Metohija, southeastern and eastern Serbia, precipitation will intensify.

In addition to Grabovica in Sjenica, Lim near Prijepolje and Ibar near Raška, Šabac and Kusić will also have to be defended as those places will be endangered by rivers Sava and Nera, respectively.

According to the latest hydrological warning of the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute, river Sava will exceed the limit of regular flood protection, while river Nera will reach that limit.

Today, river Ibar near Raška is expected to reach the limit of regular flood protection.

The RHMZ warning is still in effect for today's heavy rainfall in southern, southeastern and eastern Serbia. In those regions, an orange weather alarm has been activated, which means that the weather is dangerous.


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