United Group's Unfounded Allegations; SBB manipulates data

The Copernicus Group announced that the allegations that can be heard these days by the company within the United Group and their lawyers are unfounded.

Source: B92
Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

"Submitting our offer to SBB has nothing to do with the competition for national frequencies, but with the fact that the existing contract is expiring and it is time to renew it. What we have offered is a package of 26 television channels, at a lower price of 300 dinars per month per user of the distribution system, while we did not manipulate the number of SBB users, but suggested that this number be calculated on a monthly basis. This price and the conditions correspond to the prices and conditions that all other distributors have in accordance with the concluded contracts, they distribute our channels and the channels that we represent," the statement of the Copernicus Group states.

The statement adds that the essence, which is easy to understand, is the following: the package of channels that we have offered, brings with it about 30% of the audience share of all channels in SBB's network, and that is why it is worth as much as we asked for.

"In spite of all this, SBB, which charges an average sum of 3.500 RSD per month from users for the distribution of media content, in its statement in which it talks about the increase in our price by several thousand percent, compares absolutely incomparable things and different programs, i.e. packages. Compare for yourself extremely favorable contracts, concluded 5 years ago with the previous owners of Prva, and the prices from those contracts, with the market prices paid by all other distributors. Did he perhaps offer to compensate the price difference to the other distributors who received such favorable terms from the previous owner of Prva and they didn't get it for such a long time," it is stated.

"SBB manipulates data because it adjusts the operations of related parties in order to find a way to take money out of the country to Luxembourg, with the aim of reducing the profit and the tax that should be paid in Serbia".

"Finally, SBB itself admits that it received the offer 50 days ago. If the conditions from that offer were really so unfavorable, why didn't they call us 50 days ago and ask for a price reduction? They didn't, because they know that the offered prices are market related and because they believe that they are powerful enough to try to blame the other side for the supposed failure of the negotiations through the media, and to continue building the aura of victim, even though SBB is everything but the victim", it added.


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