"Due to less than RSD 300, users of SBB deprived of national channels"

Copernicus Group stated that due to less than RSD 300 RSD, SBB users left without national channels, stating that they agree to the lower price it pays to Pink.

Source: B92
Foto: Promo
Foto: Promo

"Regarding the allegation that SBB will remove Prva and B92 from its offer due to false information that we are asking for 38 million euros, we emphasize that this is absolutely untrue. We have never made such a request, neither in writing nor verbally," the Copernicus Group's press release states.

"If we are talking about offers and prices, we are ready to accept that SBB pays us as much as they pay for Pink's channels and even cheaper than that. We have never received a single offer from SBB to be able to negotiate prices. All that we asked for 2.5 euros per user, which is less than 300 dinars, which is what other legal cable operators pay us," the media release added.


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