Ambulance from Serbia goes to Bulgaria to pick up the slightly injured children

Children who were injured in a traffic accident in Bulgaria will be transferred today for further treatment to the University Children's Clinic in Tiršova.

Source: Blic
Tanjug/BTA Bulgarian News Agency via AP
Tanjug/BTA Bulgarian News Agency via AP

The seriously injured boys in the traffic accident that happened in Bulgaria were transferred from the hospital in Stara Zagora to Sofia for further treatment.

The others left for Serbia, and a medical team from Niš will wait for them at the border and drive them to Tiršova, RTS confirmed.

The news first appeared in the media that the children would be hospitalized in the University Medical Center Nis, but in that health institution they told the journalists that the ambulance would be accompanied by doctors from Nis, but that all the injured would be transferred directly to the clinic in Tiršova.

The medical teams of the University Clinical Center in Nis will leave in ambulances around 3:00 PM to meet the injured.

The doctors will pick up the children from their Bulgarian colleagues at the Gradina border crossing and, as confirmed to RTS from the source in the Nis Clinical Center, they will follow them to Belgrade. Health Minister Zlatibor Lončar said today after visiting the injured in a bus accident in Bulgaria that one passenger's leg was amputated.

"One man was operated on, and it's not the driver, who was rumored to have had his leg amputated, but the father of a child who had a lower leg amputation," Lončar told RTS.

He said that most of the children and parents from the bus, as well as those who came to Bulgaria when they heard what happened, will arrive in Serbia during the day. He stated that two boys will remain in Bulgaria for treatment, a man whose lower leg was amputated and another injured, but that he expects that they will also be in Serbia soon.

Lončar and his colleague from Bulgaria visited the injured in the hospital in Stara Zagora.

According to unofficial information, it is expected that the Niš Emergency Service will soon send its ambulances to the Gradina border crossing, where they will take over the patients injured in the accident from their Bulgarian colleagues.


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