Children from the region pay a visit to Vučić and Serbia

President Aleksandar Vučić hosted Serbian children from Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia, who are visiting Serbia.

Source: B92

"34 children from the region came to visit us. I am very happy that I can receive you today, and when I see you with Nikola Tesla T-shirts, I know how proud you are of Nikola Tesla, who loved and respected his people. Serbia is always a refuge for every person. State borders that exist today must not be a limiting factor," said Vučić.

"I wish you to feel at home here in Belgrade. No matter which way you turn, Serbia and Belgrade are always your home. The door will always be open for you. I wish you to enjoy the most beautiful temple, the Temple of Saint Sava, the zoo, the stadiums ", added the president, presenting the gifts to the children.

"I wish you a long and healthy life. Long live Serbia," said the president.

President Vučić hosted a reception for more than 30 Serbian children from three countries, who are participating in the third summer camp for Serbian children from the region, welcomed them, and prepared appropriate gifts for them.

"State borders that exist today must not be a limiting factor for the cultural, linguistic and all other scopes of a nation, President Aleksandar Vučić said today, addressing Serbian children from Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia.

Vučić said that he was happy that Serbian children living in Croatia came to Belgrade, mainly from Eastern Slavonia and Western Srem, from Slovenia, mainly from Maribor, Celje, and other parts, as well as Hungary.

"Here a place to live and work awaits you, with love for all of us, regardless of where and how we live," added Vučić. The president emphasized that there is no longer any difference between a place where a Serb comes from, but it is only important that we speak our language and culture.

"Some other nations, like the Germans and Russians, in the most difficult moments of history, managed to preserve their national identity, independence, and self-reliance by protecting and preserving their language and alphabet with love," Vučić pointed out.

He expressed the hope that, in addition to the Latin alphabet, the children will also learn their Cyrillic alphabet, no matter how much the Cyrillic alphabet in the region "resembles hieroglyphics" to some.

"We know how perfect our alphabet is," underlined Vučić.

He wished the children to feel at home in Belgrade since it is their home.

"You live in different places, but no matter how you turn, Serbia and Belgrade are always your home. Whenever you think you don't have that second or first home, always know that you have it and that its doors are always open," the president said.

Vučić wished the children to enjoy the most beautiful temple in the world – the Temple of St. Sava, to visit other places they like, to always come to Serbia, and to love it as much as Serbia loves them.

"I believe that you will have a little benefit and remember the days spent here and that you will always return to Serbia. Thank you to everyone who preserves the Serbian language and Cyrillic alphabet in Croatia, Slovenia, and Hungary. I am very happy to spend part of my working hours with you," said Vučić.

On behalf of her friends, Olivera Đukić from Bijelo Brdo, a place in Slavonia, addressed the president and thanked him for the reception and hospitality.

She added that, as part of the summer camp, the children have so far visited Novi Sad, Vrbas, Sremski Karlovci, got to know the historical sights of Serbia, and are looking forward to visiting Belgrade today, to socialize, get to know each other and nurture friendships.

"We invite you to visit the places where we come from, and we will also welcome you with a lot of love," Olivera told President Vučić.

We preserve the Serbian tradition in our countries

Children of Serbian nationality, who were hosted by President Aleksandar Vučić today in Belgrade, say that in the countries where they were born and where they live, they cherish Serbian culture, alphabet, and tradition and that it is a great honor for them to have met the President of Serbia.

A boy from Celje, Vasilija Šljivić, said that he is learning the Serbian language in Slovenia thanks to additional lessons and folklore lessons, and added that Serbia left a strong impression on him.

"The fact that I was with the President of Serbia today was the biggest impression," said the eleven-year-old Šljivić.

And Olivera Đukić in Croatia learns the Serbian alphabet at school and attends religious education classes.

During her stay in Serbia, she says, she made new friends, and her strongest impression is the kind people and museums.

A twelve-year-old boy from Dalj, Croatia, said that it is his first time in Belgrade and that he will tell his friends in the neighboring country about the monasteries and churches he visited, as well as about the company he had.

Anastasija Stanković, a girl who lives in Slovenia and is originally from Niš, said that she was extremely happy to meet the President of Serbia and expressed hope to visit our country again.

"We visited the museums and other public institutions in Sremski Karlovci," said the girl.

The president of the Association of Serbs from Slovenia and one of the mentors, Vladimir Kokanović, expressed his satisfaction that through this camp, Serbian children have the opportunity to get to know Serbian culture and the sights that they learn about in the countries they live.

"I was greatly impressed by the bonding of children from the region. Today, we have children from Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia here, who have become very close as friends, and this speaks of how much we as a nation need unity, and I am glad that we could participate in that," said Kokanović.

He said that the children from Slovenia who participate in the camp are also students of the Serbian supplementary school in Slovenia.

He thanked President Vučić for his time spent with children from the region despite all his political activities.

During their stay in Serbia, from July 10 to 14, 36 Serbian children from the region, aged 10 to 14, will visit Sremski Karlovci, the monasteries on Fruška Gora, Novi Sad, and Belgrade, in order to get to know their history, language, culture.

Yesterday, the President of the Provincial Government, Igor Mirović, and the Mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, hosted the children from Slovenia, Croatia, and Hungary, who participate in the third summer camp for Serbian children from the region.


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