Seven-year later – no one is guilty and Serbian victims are not counted

Memorial Center Srebrenica-Potočarimarks the 27th anniversary of the crime against Muslims committed in July 1995.

Source: B92

None of the Serbian officials will attend this event.

Exactly seven years ago, there was a shocking attack on the then Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, in Potočari near Srebrenica, where he went to pay his respects to the victims of Srebrenica.

As a reminder, the assassination was attempted at 12:50 in Potočari when an incident occurred in which the crowd broke through the protective fence and headed towards Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić and his entourage.

Stones and bottles were thrown toward the delegation from Belgrade.

Stones were thrown at the Serbian Prime Minister’s motorcade, as Aleksandar Vučić was leaving the Memorial Center in Potočari.

After the official part of the commemorative meeting, at the moment when representatives of the delegations were laying lilies on the memorial, Vučić was attacked by the crowd throwing various objects at him.

Prime Minister's security reacted immediately, while the security officials at the gathering did not move. To this day, no one has been held accountable for this scandalous attack on a statesman of another country.

Seven years later it is still unknown who wanted to assassin the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić in Srebrenica, which indicates the need to ask whether it was incompetence or evil intent.

Despite the surveillance cameras and the recorded incident, the attackers have not been identified to this day.

The case 'Vučić/Potočari' ended up in a drawer with the investigative and judicial authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. No one was prosecuted, and none of those who were in charge of the safety of the gathering and persons were dismissed or resigned. The initiative for the dismissal of the manager of the Directorate for the Coordination of Police Bodies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mirsad Vilić, was rejected as unfounded.

No one is to blame for the attempted assassination of the Serbian Prime Minister at a time, no one is to blame for the 3,500 innocent Serbian civilians who were killed by the Muslims of Srebrenica.

Serbian victims are not counted, no one bows down to Serbian victims.

Aleksandar Vučić extended his hand of reconciliation and it almost ended with his murder. It is obvious that some people do not care about reconciliation, but only about inciting genocide against the Serbian people and constant blackmail.

Serbs and their leaders are allowed to be killed and persecuted, that's how they think, but luckily those times are behind us. Photographs of Serbian civilians killed by Muslims from Srebrenica under the command of Naser Orić were placed along the road from Bratunac to Potočari.


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