Prison for a man who beat a woman and a dog in Zemun? VIDEO

Penalties for the case that happened in Zemun, in which a man beat a woman and her dog, vary and depend on the severity of the injuries the woman suffered.

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Ilustracija: Depositphotos/Nomadsoul1
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/Nomadsoul1

Lawyer Vojin Šajić, psychotherapist Milena Milanović and Željko Stojčić from the Association for the Protection of Animals "Alfa" spoke more about the attack of the man who beat up a woman and her dog in Zemun, for TV Prva.

An eyewitness from the video confirmed in a press release that the video does not show the whole event.

"The whole event lasted more than two minutes, so the first two minutes were not included in the recording at all," reads the statement in which he explains that in the given circumstances he did everything he could.

He also said in a statement that there were other people passing by during the attack, "without stopping or asking if they needed any help."

They're familiar with the case

The injured woman did not give statements to the media, and according to unofficial information, she has injuries on her face, both eyes are closed and she is bruised, and she also has injuries on her hands.

The suspect in the attack on a woman in Zemun was arrested and detained for up to 48 hours. Zeljko Stojcic, a member of the Association for the Protection of Animals "Alpha", confirmed in the show 150 Minutes that he had previously received reports against a beaten woman from other dog owners because, allegedly, she walks her dog without a leash, while the dog is aggressive towards other dogs. There are also allegations that a woman attacks other dogs with a shocker she wears.

However, he stated that despite his advice to file a complaint against her, he does not know if a complaint has ever been filed against her.

Sentence of 5 to 8 years in prison

Foto: Printscreen/Prva TV
Foto: Printscreen/Prva TV

Lawyer Vojin Šajić stated that this type of violence is inadmissible.

"Obviously, the dog should be on a leash and have a collar and be in controlled conditions. His defense had to stop exclusively at defending his dog. It shouldn't have ever grown into an attack on a woman. The penalties for that can vary", said Sajic. He confirmed that the length of the sentence depends on the injuries of the woman and the prosecutor. If her injuries are minor, the suspect would receive a prison sentence of up to 5 years, and if they are more severe, up to 8 years. The Animal Welfare Association will not do anything about this case.

"There are much worse things than this," said Stojčić, paying attention only to the question of how the dogs fared.

"It's antisocial behavior"

Psychotherapist Milena Milanović assessed that the reaction of the man on the video is a form of antisocial behavior.

"Regardless of the threat, it is evident that there is no sense of empathy. The urge for aggression is normal in the reactions of small children, not adults," Milanovic said.


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