Big fire on Karaburma: Skyscraper in Husinskih rudara on fire PHOTO / VIDEO

According to the media, the building in Husinskih rudara 24 is on fire. The flames have swallowed the entire roof and the top floor in the building on Karaburma

Source: B92
Printskrin: Instagram/
Printskrin: Instagram/

Firefighters are battling a fire that has engulfed the roof of the building, and is spreading to the lower floors.

According to Novosti, the fire broke out in apartment number 16, in which fortunately no one was at that moment.

All tenants have been evacuated and firefighters are battling the blaze.

There are six fire trucks on the scene. At some point, a crane arrived, which enabled special members of the MUP to put out the fire from the air as well.

A new water tank is expected to arrive.


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