More than 4.000 infected, 52 people died

According to the latest information, 4.388 people have been infected with coronavirus in Serbia.

Source: B92

As a result of the infection, 52 people died.

There are 129 patients on respirators.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 1.896.575 cases of coronavirus have been registered in Serbia, and 8.688.491 people have been tested. So far, 15.010 people have died.

The mortality rate is 0.79 percent.

How will we travel to EU countries?

Foto: Shutterstock / Novikov Aleksey
Foto: Shutterstock / Novikov Aleksey

As of February 1, new rules apply to travel to European Union countries. Tatjana Matic, Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, says there will be more changes until the start of the summer season.

"There will certainly be more changes by the beginning of the summer season. The new rule, which will come into force on April 30, will be valid, and the Green List is expected to end on the 30th. It is moving towards liberalization, when we talk about the travels of citizens who do not come from countries that are not members of the EU. It is expected that it will be easier for vaccinated and unvaccinated people to enter the EU member states. It is difficult for us to enter those countries, because some do not recognize our vaccines. It was politicized, and we see that it is coming to fruition", Matic told domestic media.


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