Dramatic numbers for Serbia: 300.000 people are spreading the virus

Yesterday, Serbia broke the record in the number of the newly infected, and epidemiologists are announcing even greater mass infection in the coming period.

Source: Novosti
Foto: Tanjug/ Strahinja Aćimović
Foto: Tanjug/ Strahinja Aćimović

Primarius Dr Radmilo Petrovic, an epidemiologist, says that by the end of March, 70 percent of the population will be infected with the omicron strain, which has the most mutations so far and breaks through both post-vaccination and naturally acquired immunity.

The number of people actually infected with coronavirus is certainly three, and maybe four times higher than the one officially recorded on the basis of laboratory analyzes. This means that in the last seven days, since we have a five-digit number of confirmed infections on a daily basis, between 250.000 and 300.000 people have been infected in Serbia, and the vast majority are "not registered in the records system".

"Out of that number, we will detect only a minority, and the rest will walk and spread the virus because they will have a completely asymptomatic infection. Infected with omicron, in principle, have milder symptoms than those caused by the delta variant of the virus, and I'm sure most do not seek medical help. That's why I say that the number of infected is three or four times higher than registered", said Dr Petrovic.

He says that the number of newly infected will probably be constantly increasing for another two weeks, before the curve will flatten to the maximum it reaches, and then, in the second half of February, it will start to descend, Novosti writes.

"This wave is more explosive than the previous four, it started abruptly, a large part of the population will be infected faster, but it will last shorter than the previous ones. Nobody knows whether there will be the next pandemic wave. This is a surprise virus, and whenever we think that it will get better, it gets worse. We should definitely administer the fourth dose of the vaccine, because the vaccines we have at our disposal are not so potent as to create long-lasting immunity," Dr Petrovic concluded.


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