Serbian pediatricians: Situation worsened, due to mass infection, no school for now.

Association of Pediatricians of Serbia issued a statement in which it is recommended to postpone starting school in the classic way, or organize classes online.

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Ilustracija, foto: Depositphotos/racorn
Ilustracija, foto: Depositphotos/racorn

"Given the current epidemiological situation and the characteristics of the omicron strain, which is spreading much faster and to a greater extent than previous strains and affects children, the Serbian Pediatric Association recommends postponing schooling in the classic way or organizing classes online," it said.

It is reminded that the attitude of the Association towards the way of organizing classes, from the beginning of the pandemic, was that classes take place "live", i.e. classes are held at school, i.e. that this model should be given priority over the "online" concept, whenever possible.

However, they now believe that students should go to online classes or extend their vacation.

"Having in mind that the epidemiological situation in the children's population is changing very quickly and is characterized by mass infection with omicron strains of coronavirus, but also with the threat of influenza virus infection, the Association believes that starting school in the classic way certainly resulted in a huge number of newly infected and a larger number of hospitalized children, recalling that the clinical course and outcome of omicron infection are not yet fully known," the statement said.

It is reminded that the vaccination coverage of those groups in which the vaccine is approved and recommended (children older than 12) is only symbolic, and that the vaccine for children under 12 has not been registered in Serbia yet, so it is considered that students are currently the most vulnerable group.

"Children under the age of 12 have not been vaccinated, and the omicron strain is spreading in this population as fast as among adults. In these circumstances - the decision to impose on them the obligation to go to the team and attend classes in the classical way is exposing the unprotected and vulnerable population to a high risk of contracting COVID-19, influenza or both infections. According to the Association of Pediatricians of Serbia, such a decision is problematic from the medical aspect", the Association states.

They believe that the return to school, in the classic way, should be postponed for the next two weeks until we have a better insight into the course of the two current epidemics.


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