New details of the fire in New Belgrade: Firefighters are still on duty VIDEO / PHOTO

Firefighters were still on duty this morning in front of the restaurant in New Belgrade, which burned down on Thursday night.

Source: B92, Prva TV
Foto: TV Prva
Foto: TV Prva

According to a TV Prva reporter on the ground, three people aged 26, 25 and 20 were injured in the fire. According to the latest information, they were transported to the Emergency Center with fractures.

As many as 29 firefighters with seven vehicles took part in combating fire last night, and the fire also affected two nearby buildings, while two cars were damaged.

Firefighters also took out several gas bottles, and it is suspected that the explosion of one of them caused this accident.

The commander of the Belgrade Fire and Rescue Brigade, Milos Majstorovic, told TV Prva this morning that the fire was quickly localized.

He explained that the teams of the fire brigade will be on the spot "as long as there is a potential danger" of a new fire.

Majstorović pointed out that the gas from the gas cylinder was most likely responsible for the fire and stated that most of the cylinders were certified, i.e. that in a large number of cases the cause was improper handling.


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