Online teaching is not introduced - new recommendation of the School Team

The school team, which met today in an expanded composition, will recommend to the Crisis Staff not to introduce online classes in the whole of Serbia.

Source: Blic
Foto: Shutterstock/Drazen Zigic
Foto: Shutterstock/Drazen Zigic

Instead, the recommendation of the School Team will be to extend the autumn break, Blic has learned.

According to Blic, no decision has been made yet on how many days the autumn break should be extended, which will be in the first half of November. The final decision is at the Crisis Staff, which, according to the announcements, will meet tomorrow.

The school team, which normally meets every Thursday, analyzes the situation in schools due to the COVID epidemic. At today's meeting, the health part of the Crisis Staff was also discussed, and among those present was the epidemiologist Predrag Kon.

So far, the school team has made decisions concerning cities, municipalities or regions, and based on the recommendations of these experts, online or combined classes have been introduced that have been of a local character. This team made decisions based on a comparison of 10 parameters.

The Ministry of Education and the experts who have analyzed the spread of the virus in schools so far say that there is an intention to go to school for as long as possible, because the teaching is of better quality in this way.


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