Will the schoolchildren go on winter break earlier?

Schoolchildren wait to see if they will attend online classes, while Crisis Staff considers moving the winter break to the beginning of December.

Source: B92, Blic
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ArturVerkhovetskiy
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ArturVerkhovetskiy

A member of the Crisis Staff, Dr Predrag Kon, also spoke about this.

He pointed out that there are a lot of infected children, but also that their clinical picture is more difficult than at the outbreak of the epidemic. However, the epidemiologist did not want to prejudge whether that would happen.

"We will see, I must not prejudge anything. There are data that we rely on when making some decisions. These data come from all school administrations through epidemiologists and institutes, and they are very reliable. Other data come to us from testing, which is done on a daily basis. Many infected or positive people are detected, and we have more positive ones detected at that age. We reckon that they are all in school. Considering the situation in which the number of infected children is growing, which, unfortunately, also had a severe form of the disease, it is completely legitimate to think about how to take a break and reduce contact among children. Something that is potentially being considered is that these interruptions be connected with the holidays", Dr Kon told "Telegraf".

He pointed out that he is not thinking about extending the winter break, but to move it to the beginning of December. "All this is being considered. Of course, the first and foremost thing is to take care of the health of children. That is the most important thing. That issue was at the Crisis Staff, it was said that it will be discussed", stated this expert. As a reminder, Prime Minister Ana Brnabić stated that the "Batut" Institute has a meeting with the medical part of the Crisis Staff and with the Ministry of Education on whether the children will switch to online classes.

"They will have another meeting on Thursday and then they will give some of their recommendations to the Crisis Staff. I expect to see a recommendation. What is extremely important to me and what I think should not be changed, and that is certainly that children from the first to the fourth elementary school classes continue going to school", Brnabic said.


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