"Children are a big epidemiological problem, I expect online classes"

Coordinator of the vaccination point at the Belgrade Fair, Zoran Bekić, stated that he expects that online classes will be introduced in schools in Serbia soon.

Source: Beta
Foto-ilustracija: EPA/Marko Đoković
Foto-ilustracija: EPA/Marko Đoković

As he explained, this measure is necessary as children present a big epidemiological problem.

"Vaccination among educators is below average. If you have a small number of immunized children and non-compliance with the measures, that indicates that you have a jump of the infected in the children's population," he told TV Pink.

He also said that COVID passes are "just the beginning" and that in time their use will be expanded and that citizens will get used to them.

"They (COVID certificates) protect public health and do not allow people who are infected to mix with healthy people, and they will also contribute to greater level of vaccination," Bekić assessed.


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