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Today, President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, commented on the state's combating coronavirus epidemic.

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Vučić said that all vaccines against coronavirus are excellent, and that he did not hear the recommendation that the RNA vaccine be recommended for the third dose, and pointed out that he would also receive Sinopharm vaccine as the third dose.

Answering journalists' questions, the president said that he did not want to incite the controversy and that everyone has the right to their choice and to say whatever they want and think about which vaccine is better.

According to him, at the beginning of vaccination in Serbia, and when 90 percent of those vaccinated were vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine, it was said that people vaccinated with that particular vaccine ended up in hospitals.

"There are people to whom no vaccine has saved a life, and today you have, as we vaccinate more and more with the Pfizer vaccine, an increasing number of people who have received that vaccine, but always ten times less than those who have not received any. And those who are in hospital or those who are infected have a 10 or 20 times higher chance of surviving than the unvaccinated", Vucic said.

That is why, he says, it does not occur to him to enter into a controversy as to which vaccine is better and which is not. "I could tell you what I've heard from people who know it much better than you or I, and whose opinion I respect, but it doesn't occur to me because I respect both AstraZeneca and the Russian and Chinese vaccines and I think they're all great. Moderna will also be available soon, so that you could choose what you want, but don't take from me the right to choose the one I want", said Vučić.

During the laying of the foundation stone for the Sinopharm vaccine factory in Zemun, he asked the Crisis Staff to consider the introduction of measures, asking them to keep the economy in mind.

"Our state did everything, there is no one who has not heard about Serbia's performance during the epidemic. But I'm sorry... A year and two months ago, Serbian Parliament was severely attacked, because we announced the possibility of a lockdown. They broke into the Assembly and beat police officers, even then claiming that we wanted to bind and maltreat people", said Vučić at the ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the construction of the vaccine factory.

"They introduced the vaccine from the age of three to 14, because it is the children who pass on the infection. We provided more vaccines than the EU provided to its members, and we had done it faster. We provided the most modern hospitals. We increased the salaries of medical workers. What else can we do? There will be certain measures, we will see which exactly, but we have to live. It is a matter of personal responsibility, especially when it comes to vaccination," President of Serbia explained.

He stated that he was proud of the results in combating coronavirus and explained that he has a "clear conscience". "I can't talk to such fools who mention the possibility of being chipped," he explained.

Vučić said that vaccination in Serbia at one point increased to 48 percent, but that there are 20 percent of people who do not believe that the disease even exist until someone from their family dies.

When asked whether he plans to introduce mandatory vaccination, he believes that it is not easy to introduce it because of the Constitution of Serbia.

"If you ask me personally, I would support it. I do not understand so much irresponsibility. I must respect the Constitution and we must do everything so that people in Serbia, regardless of their views, must respect one another's opinion," Vucic said, adding that he would receive the third dose of the Chinese vaccine.

"My mother became infected with the coronavirus, even though she was vaccinated, but that vaccine saved her life," Vučić added, pointing out that the vaccine reduces the development of severe clinical picture ten times.


7.549 newly infected, 47 people died

In the last 24 hours, 7.549 newly infected with coronavirus were registered in Serbia, and an analysis of 23.991 tested samples was performed.

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