Cyclone brings temperatures above 30 degrees to Serbia, late September surprising

Large differences in temperature marked the last weekend of August in Serbia. Meteorologists announce mostly dry period, but also a gradual rise in temperature.

Source: Blic
Tanjug/Miloš Milivojević/Ilustracija
Tanjug/Miloš Milivojević/Ilustracija

In the next period, we can expect sunny days with +25 to +30 degrees Celsius.

The first days of the new week and new month bring cold mornings, in the mountain valleys of southwestern Serbia very cold weather with a minimum of +3 degrees, while during the day, it would be variably cloudy and mostly dry with daily temperatures of 17 to 23 degrees Celsius. Meteorologist Marko Cubrilo confirms this in the announcements of weather forecasts for "Blic".

"Clouds with light rain can be expected in some places on Wednesday, and then at least until around September 9, dry and stable and slowly warmer weather. On Tuesday, compared to Monday, there will be no major changes, but at the end of the day there will be more in the northwest clouds as an announcement of the relocation of the new, weak, cold front on Wednesday, when with temporary cloud cover and strengthening of the northwest wind there will be light, transient, rain or rare showers, mostly over the northern and eastern regions. In the south, there will be around +30 degrees Celsius, on Wednesday the daily maximum is again in a smaller drop and should range from 14 to 21 degrees", says Marko Čubrilo.

From September 2, on Thursday, until the end of the week, the morning will be very fresh, sometimes with the appearance of fog. During the day, announces Čubrilo, it will be mostly sunny and slowly warmer, but until around September 7, the maximums on the mainland will not exceed 26 degrees Celsius and will generally range from 20 to 25 degrees. Around September 8, with the formation of a cyclone over the Gulf of Genoa, an influx of even warmer air will follow, and the maximums on the mainland will be around 30 degrees Celsius in some places, and up to 32 degrees Celsius in the south.

"The wind would turn to the south and southeast, while the south wind would blow. For now, it seems that the cyclone will not spread its impact to the mainland of the region, while models after September 13 increase the amplitude of synoptics, which could be a signal towards worsening and cooling in the middle of the month. Certainly a little better weather from August 30, but some stronger warming is only possible in about nine days," said Čubrilo.

According to earlier announcements by meteorologist, Professor of Geography from Novi Sad Marko Čubrilo, early September, after a short rainy and cold period, brings more sun, variable clouds with little chance of only occasional light rain.

Tanjug/Miloš Milivojević/Ilustracija
Tanjug/Miloš Milivojević/Ilustracija

"Sometime towards the middle of the month or a little earlier, there is a signal for a new cooling, but with very little precipitation. Considering that a former tropical cyclone (hurricane) will approach the European part of the Atlantic around September 6, any forecast after that date is questionable. In summary, after the first week of September, which would bring quite fresh weather with less precipitation, there may be more concrete warming.

At the same time, in the five-day forecast of RHMZ, mostly sunny weather was announced. In Belgrade, the maximum daily temperature will be 22 degrees on Tuesday, slightly lower on Thursday, up to 21 degrees, and then it will start to increase to 25 and which degree higher. The minimum temperatures during this week will be in the capital from 12 to 15 degrees, while, say, in Novi Sad, it will be only 10 degrees at night.

By day, the rest of the week will look like this: on Tuesday, a clear morning awaits us, but fresh, and during the day, moderately warm and sunny weather is expected. The maximum temperature in Serbia will reach 28 degrees, however, it is possible that there will be showers with thunder in some northern and western parts of the country. Wednesday brings clouds and refreshment with rain, but it is a temporary influx of fresh air, and it will be sunny on Thursday, with possible clouds, while the weekend ahead brings warmer weather with temperatures above 25 degrees.

According to the RHMZ announcement, the late summer will continue in the first half of September.

"The average minimum air temperature in September will have values ​​above the multi-year average, and its value will be on average about 0.7 degrees Celsius higher than the multi-year average. In Belgrade and the surrounding area, the September average minimum air temperature is expected to be + 14 degrees. The average maximum air temperature will be around +24 degrees during September. In Belgrade and the wider surroundings, the September amount of precipitation will be around 41 mm", it is stated on the RHMZ website.


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