Ruzic explained: "If Filip and Branko get infected" VIDEO

Minister of Education, Branko Ružić, being hosted on TV Prva, pointed out that in the next school year, the so-called "traffic light model" will be introduced.

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Foto: TV Prva
Foto: TV Prva

He pointed out that he hopes "that we will be in the green on the largest part of the territory of our country".

He pointed out that the model of either regular classes or the transition to distance learning, depending on the situation with the coronavirus at the local level, will change weekly from Tuesday and Friday. He pointed out that schools will receive information on how the teaching model is changing.

Ruzic explained the change, using the fictitious case of two boys, Filip and Branko.

"If Filip gets infected, the students will wear masks in the class. If Filip and Branko get infected, online classes will be organized for 10 days," Ruzic told TV Prva. He pointed out that high school students will change the type of teaching, depending on the situation with the coronavirus, day after day.

Minister explained that parents cannot ask that their child to attend online classes, but he added that, if the child is at a higher risk, parents can ask for it with a certificate from the medical profession.

Speaking about the unions of educators and the announcement of the protest, Ruzic said that they were invited to attend the session of the Crisis Staff.

"We have encountered a high degree of misunderstanding in relation to the model we have proposed," the minister said.

He pointed out that it is legitimate if they want to strike demanding higher salaries. "We expect these talks to continue. We will see how it goes," Ruzic explained. He explained that when a teacher approaches a student, he is obliged to put on a mask, because he will address him, and a student who needs to answer puts on a mask, Ruzic pointed out, talking about how students will behave in class and said that it is a recommendation of the profession.

When asked whether vaccination is the reason for uncertain situations, as in Tutin, the minister said that "of course it is". He pointed out that 52 percent of teachers were vaccinated against coronavirus, and the minister said that was the only way we could prevent fatal outcomes.

Speaking about the prices of textbooks, he said that the price depends on which grade the child attends. When asked if there is a large space for corruption because schools decide from which textbooks to learn, Ruzic pointed out that "we cannot make such assumptions".


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