Crisis Staff adopted plan for the school year - three teaching models VIDEO / PHOTO

Crisis Staff for the fight against coronavirus met again today.

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The most important topic of the new session is the start of the school year, and the introduction of COVID passes will be discussed, primarily for going to cafes and bars.

"Preserving the health of all of us is the priority of all priorities," Ruzic said.

"We avoided going public with speculations about what the school year would look like. We wanted to come out with reliable information precisely because of the importance of this topic... What was certain was that our intention was for classes to start normally, for students not to be divided into groups and the classes last 45 minutes", said the Minister of Education.

"The school team has made a proposal for the Crisis Staff, and it primarily means the following - in the next period, we will monitor the implementation of measures in schools," he said.

"We have one decentralized approach. The school will start on September 1, classes will last 45 minutes.


There are three models in the option," Ruzic said.

1. Free teaching model: - students all sit together, wear a mask while talking and answering; - Vaccinated teachers do not wear a mask until they approach the student at 1.5 m

2. Combined model: - one day online classes, another attend classes at school;

* model from last year, but then it changed on a weekly basis, and now on a daily basis.

3. Model for the most endangered local governments:

- online classes for high school students; - for primary school children up to 4th grade combined of 30 minutes, groups of 16 students;

- from 5-8. classes will change during the day according to the model of teaching.

As the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, announced for TV Prva earlier today, no new measures will be adopted at the session to prevent the spread of the virus.

"The session will focus on the beginning of the school year. That is why we invited to the session also the representatives of the union of educators, the president of the forum of high schools and the president of the association of pediatricians, who will address the public later", the Prime Minister said.

"The proposal is to start normally, with a full fund of 45-minute classes with mandatory masks, and to appeal to all educators to be vaccinated, if they are not, or if they are, to go to the third booster dose, as well as to vaccinate children older than 12", said Brnabić.

Epidemiologists, as well as other members of the Crisis Staff, are considering the epidemiological situation and, in accordance with it, will decide which model of teaching will be from September 1 for primary school students, as well as high school students.

Medical part of the Crisis Staff strongly advocates mandatory vaccination for medics


"It is the intention that the school year starts normally in all local self-government units on September 1, but bearing in mind that it is a living organism and we will certainly monitor the situation, if it gets worse, of course we will propose a change of model," Ruzic said.

Kon reiterated that vaccination is essential for maintaining public health and that it is the only way to fight the coronavirus.

"There was talk of mandatory vaccination of medical and educational workers... We from the medical part strongly advocate mandatory vaccination for health workers because we think it is irresponsible that someone who works with people is not vaccinated," said Kon.


"3.000 infected this week"

The fight against the delta strain of coronavirus is extremely cruel, said the State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr Mirsad Djerlek.

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