More than 200 newly infected

According to the latest data, 227 newly infected with coronavirus have been registered in Serbia while 9.072 samples were tested.

Source: B92

One person died.

There are 8 patients on respirators, out of 305 hospitalized.

Experts have been calling for days to respect measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus and appeal to young people to respond to vaccination because that is the only way to bring the epidemic under control.

In addition, more and more epidemiologists and doctors are advocating for the mandatory vaccination of health workers, and that would be neither illegal nor a new decision.

As the introduction of mandatory vaccination is the most important topic these days, many experts have spoken out on this issue and presented various opinions and suggestions.

One of them is Dr Milanko Sekler, who claims that vaccination should be paid for. Epidemiologist and member of the Crisis Staff, Predrag Kon, said that there was no time to think and that the obligatory vaccination of health workers and risk groups of the population should be started urgently.

He warned that in three weeks, the numbers of newly infected people could become four-digit in one day, and that hospitals will probably start filling up in seven days.


Again a sudden jump in numbers

According to the latest data, 353 people with COVID-19 have been registered in Serbia in the last 24 hours.

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Almost 300 newly infected

According to the latest data, 292 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Serbia.

Society Thursday, July 29, 2021 15:05 Comments: 0
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