Urgent warnings issued - heavy rain, thunder, hail PHOTO

The Republic Hydro-meteorological Institute (RHMZ) has issued a new warning for the territory of Serbia against heavy rain, thunder and hail.

Source: B92
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/chaoss
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/chaoss

According to the RHMZ website, rain and thunderstorms are threatening in some parts of our country.

In the next hour, in the area of Ub-Obrenovac, Sjenica and on the stretch from Pristina to Kursumlija, heavy showers, thunderstorms, local occurrence of the hail and short-term strong wind were announced.

In the area of Glogovac in Kosovo and Metohija, convective clouds are expected, which give more abundant showers, thunder, local appearance of the hail and short-term strong wind, will move north towards Kosovska Mitrovica.

Convective clouds have also been announced in the area of Golija, which gives more abundant showers, thunderstorms, the local appearance of the hail, and a short-term strong wind will move north towards Ivanjica and Kraljevo.

"From today (Friday) to Monday, it will be variably cloudy with frequent rain, showers and thunderstorms. In some places, disasters with heavy showers, a large amount of precipitation, hail and stormy winds," the warning reads.

Earlier, convective clouds were announced on the stretch between Aleksinac and Krusevac, which gives more abundant showers, thunderstorms, local appearance of the hail and short-term strong wind, it will move north towards Razanj.

As a reminder, a strong storm was recorded in some parts of Serbia on Friday, followed by showers, thunder and hail.

Foto: RHMZ
Foto: RHMZ

Cloudy weather continues for the weekend

Foto: Printskrin/ RHMZ
Foto: Printskrin/ RHMZ

It will be cloudy in Serbia tomorrow, with rain, showers and thunderstorms, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute announced.

In the afternoon and evening, heavy showers with hail and stormy wind are possible. The lowest temperature will be from 16 to 20, and the highest from 27 to 33 degrees.

In Belgrade, changeable, occasionally with rain, showers and thunderstorms, mostly in the afternoon and evening. The lowest temperature will be 19, and the highest 29 degrees.

Changeable weather with rain, showers and thunderstorms is expected by Tuesday. It will be mostly sunny from Wednesday.

Biometeorological forecast for July 17, 2021: Expected biometeorological conditions will have a favorable effect on chronic patients. People with heart problems and asthmatics are still advised to exercise some caution.

Nervousness, drowsiness and headache are possible.

Foto: B92.net
Foto: B92.net

A rainstorm has already started in Belgrade, followed by thunder.


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