High Court upheld the indictment against the acting teacher; Lawyer: It was expected

In January 2021, Milena Radulović appeared in public and made accusations that Miroslav Aleksić, a professor of acting, sexually abused her.

Source: B92, prva
Foto: Printskrin/Prva TV
Foto: Printskrin/Prva TV

Miroslav Aleksić was detained on January 16, and since then he has been charged with sexually assaulting at least eight students in the school premises, two of whom were minors at the time.

Miroslav Aleksic was questioned again on February 8.

After Milena Radulović, actress Iva Ilinčić also appeared publicly.

Aleksic has been in custody since his arrest on January 16 this year, which was last extended on June 18.

The Criminal Extra-Trial Chamber of the Higher Court in Belgrade confirmed the indictment of the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, filed against acting teacher Miroslav Aleksić, who is charged with committing several criminal acts of rape in prolonged duration and several criminal acts of illegal sexual activity.

The indictment was confirmed at the session of the panel held on June 29, as stated in the announcement of the High Court.

Examining the indictment of the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office, the Criminal Extra-Trial Chamber took the position that the evidence collected during the pre-investigation and investigative procedure provides sufficient grounds for concluding that the defendant is justifiably suspicious that he committed the criminal offenses.

The accused and his defense counsel may file an appeal against this decision with the Court of Appeals in Belgrade, within three days from the day of receipt of the decision.

Foto: Printskrin/ TV Prva
Foto: Printskrin/ TV Prva

Jugoslav Tintor, lawyer representing Milena Radulović, Iva Ilinčić and four other girls, said while being hosted on Prva TV, that seven girls were in the process.

He emphasized that Aleksić is charged with rape and illicit sexual acts, and that the last criminal offense he is charged with was committed a month before his arrest. Tintor said that the procedure will take time, but that they are ready.

Jugoslav Tintor, as a guest on TV Prva, said that the indictment was expected.

"This is an expected thing for me, there was little public questioning, the moment the indictment was returned, but it is a thing that is happening, and it was returned for technical reasons," Tintor said.

He said that it was the court that determined how long Aleksic's detention would last and that he could not influence that.

"This is not a lawsuit, Jugoslav Tintor is not the one who represents the girls, but the Republic of Serbia is the one who is leading the procedure."

The lawyer announced that the trial will most likely be closed to the public.

Tintor said that he asked for special measures for the minor victim, and that in that case, confrontation will be excluded, while other girls will have to go through it.


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