Another wave of coronavirus expected? A new warning: Delta strain is more contagious

Dr Predrag Kon said that, if the immunization is not intensified, no one will be thrilled with the scenario that awaits us, maybe even before the fall.

Source: B92
Foto: Printskrin/Prva TV
Foto: Printskrin/Prva TV

"We could, experts warn, have full hospitals again and thousands of newly infected people on a daily basis," Kon said.

He stated that the delta strain is currently dominant in the world and added that the problem is not the new strain but the insufficient number of vaccinated.

"We were very satisfied with the level of vaccination when we had the Chinese strain, and even the British, but with this delta strain, which is more contagious, that level of vaccination is not enough," Kon said.

He emphasized that it is important to vaccinate young people, older than 12, in the next two months, so that we would be far more relaxed when it comes to the delta strain of coronavirus. "In a situation like this, we certainly expect another wave," Kon concluded. The delta strain of the coronavirus was registered with two citizens of Serbia who returned from hiking in Russia on June 26.

These are younger people who have not been vaccinated.


Again a sudden jump in numbers

According to the latest data, 353 people with COVID-19 have been registered in Serbia in the last 24 hours.

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Almost 300 newly infected

According to the latest data, 292 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Serbia.

Society Thursday, July 29, 2021 15:05 Comments: 0
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