"All the vaccines will be acknowledged"

Europe is approaching summer travel: The question is what about those who have been vaccinated with Chinese and Russian vaccines, will those be acknowledged.

Source: Tanjug
Tanjug/Vlada Republike Srbije/ SLOBODAN MILJEVIĆ
Tanjug/Vlada Republike Srbije/ SLOBODAN MILJEVIĆ

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said last night that Serbia has excellent results, not only in the field of vaccination but also in the economy, that it represents a role model for many, even when it comes to digital passports, which, as she said, everyone aknowledges.

"I believe that the Sinophram vaccine will be accepted in the EU, as it was accepted by Greece and Hungary, as well as Spain, we are negotiating with Israel, they said that they will recognize only those recognized by EU," Brnabic said being hosted on TV Pink, emphasizing that she is convinced that the EU will recognize all vaccines.

Brnabic said that digital certificates of vaccination, which the citizens of Serbia will have to show, are recognized by everyone.

"We were the first or second country to start using them, but Greece has already recognized them unilaterally, because it does not have its digital certificates yet, ours are being recognized, the UAE recognized them, Turkey, Hungary, now Spain, I expect them without any problem to be recognized by everyone", said Prime Minister of Serbia, adding that our digital certificates are an example of what they should look like.

Prime Minister reiterated that she was worried about the small percentage of vaccinated young people under the age of 30. "Young people, and 12 percent of them have been vaccinated, hold the key to the end of the epidemic in their hands, as well as complete security and collective immunity," Brnabic said.

She added that the Government is working with the entire event industry, Exit, Beer Fest, Lion Fest and "that the idea is to open Serbia up on the World Music Day".

We will see if we will succeed for now, everything works very well, said Brnabić and added that she hopes that 3/000 dinars will motivate people to get vaccinated.


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