From tomorrow, caterers can work until 10 pm VIDEO

From tomorrow, caterers in closed facilities can work until 10 pm, with 50 percent of the capacity, without music after 6 pm.

Source: B92, Tanjug

Dr Tiodorović stated after the session that during the holidays, the measures were not respected as seriously as would be expected.

"It was nice weather and a lot of relaxation, and that is why the health system is ready to expect the appearance of infected people in the next seven to 10 days, but not as we had for Sretenje," he said.

"Together, we have decided that cafes and restaurants without gardens will open tomorrow and will be open until 10 pm. Up to 50 percent of capacity must be respected, the distance between customers is one meter and up to two meters, and there will be no music after 6 pm", Dr Tiodorović pointed out.

The application of the said decision shall take effect from tomorrow, but only under the stated conditions.

"We are in favor of the application of measures and rigorous punishment," the member of the Crisis Staff said decisively.

He especially pointed out that the ban on gathering more than five people is still valid, and as for the benefits for the vaccinated, he said that human rights must be respected.

Also, a decision was made regarding entering Serbia.

"We have made the decision that all our citizens who live and work abroad, and are completely vaccinated there, can enter our country without any restrictions, negative tests and quarantine," Tiodorovic emphasized, adding that "we expect reciprocal decisions."

As for nightclubs, the crisis staff will still have to "weigh".

"Nightclubs are a difficult problem that brought us to great danger last year. We remember July last year. Everyone was aware of how dangerous it was. We will wait a little, we will have to evaluate the situation. When we have below 100 positive or 60 or 70 percent of the so-called collective immunity, we can return to a normal life", Tiodorovic concluded.


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