Dramatic warning by Dr. Stevanovic

Belgrade - Spare hospital beds available for another 24 hours.

Source: Tanjug

We have spare beds in hospitals for the next 24 hours, maybe a bit longer, and after that we have to open new capacities," Dr. Stevanovic reported.

The director of the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Dr. Goran Stevanovic, said, after the meeting with the Minister of Health and the directors of other Covid hospitals held today, that the situation in Serbia is alarming and that we are running out of the capacity for more for Covid patients.

He said that a large number of Covid patients are among the younger population and most of them have a severe clinical picture; they often arrive in hospitals after seven days of home treatment.

"The only measures we are sure about are physical distance, masks, and vaccination. And that is our problem because they are not applied enough. Another requirement is that the vaccine becomes mandatory for health workers - this would protect health workers and those treated, and we would therefore give impetus to vaccination in Serbia," Stevanovic said.

He added that Selters Spa will be reactivated into the Covid system by the end of the week and that other centers are being prepared in order to provide additional capacities.

"Selters is preparing to re-enter the Covid system as soon as possible. That will also happen for Belgrade on Friday, the latest," he said, adding that "each of the regional centers is preparing to provide additional capacities."


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