"30 percent of patients have post-covid disorders, vaccination is the only way out"

Covid-hospitals within the University Clinical Center of Serbia are full, said the director of KCS, Milika Asanin.

Source: B92, RTS
 Printscreen TV Prva
Printscreen TV Prva

And that institution is not neglecting any non-covid patient, he added.

In his statement for RTS, he said that the Infectious Diseases Clinic is under tremendous pressure and that there are more than 300 check-ups a day, with a total of 858 patients at care in Batajnica hospital, of which 83 in the intensive care unit and 49 patients intubated.

"In recent days, we had an average of 70-75 patients admitted to that hospital, and only yesterday we had about 50 new patients admitted," Asanin said.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the triage centers have seen more than 65,000 people, the Infectious Diseases Clinic primarily. Asanin pointed out that 30-40 percent of infected people have post-covid syndrome. He pointed out that all staff of the University Clinical Center of Serbia, regardless of the epidemic, give their best to ensure that all patients receive medical care on time.

"We had 743,000 check-ups; some 26,000 people have been treated in the daycare unit. 31,000 patients were operated and 50,000 were admitted to hospital for treatment," said Mr. Asanin.

In Europe, according to Mr. Asanin, the admissions of patients with an acute heart attack and stroke have been reduced by 60 percent due to the epidemic, while in our country a larger number of patients have been taken care of than before. Professor Asanin stated that 4,300 employees in that institution were vaccinated with both doses and appealed to citizens to get vaccinated because that is the only way out of this situation.


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