Covid hospital in Batajnica packed; "We are completely exhausted"

The Intensive Care Unit at the Covid hospital in Batajnica is almost completely full, says the Head of ICU Dr. Dejan Markovic.

Source: B92, Beta

Close to 900 patients are treated presently and almost 90 of the most difficult patients is treated in the intensive care unit.

"The condition of around five percent of patients usually gets worse within 24 hours, so there is a constant fluctuation between semi-intensive care and intensive care units. It means that we have practically filled the capacities of our largest hospital in full", Markovic said this morning for the Radio Television of Serbia.

He also stated that people are exhausted, craving for a normal life, but that time has not yet come.

We have started the vaccination, still have not reached the number of vaccinated that could allow us to behave normally," said Markovic, stating that Israel is his favorite in this fight against the Covid.

According to him, the biggest problem for the health workers after a year of fighting the coronavirus is working in shifts and lack of sleep.

"We are exhausted, people have sleeping problems and find it more difficult to concentrate," said Markovic, fearing that, once the pandemic ends, the effects on the health workers could be even more negative."

"The virus exists and could kill. This is not time to take off our masks until we get vaccinated, revaccinated and wait for some additional time to pass. If we follow that and I hope we could, I can say that only begin fall we will have a normal situation", Markovic said.

He also stated that, in recent months, there has been an increase in the number of women infected with Covid, now at 50 percent, while previously 80 percent of the infected were men, and that the obese are identified as an endangered group.


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