B92.net finds out: There will be no session of the Crisis Staff tomorrow

The session of the Crisis Staff will not be held tomorrow, B92.net has learned.

Source: B92, Jovana Jovanovic
Foto: B92/ J.J.
Foto: B92/ J.J.

It was said on Friday that there would be a new session of the Crisis Staff on Tuesday, but, to our knowledge, that will not happen.

The session was not scheduled at all, and the members of the Crisis Staff were verbally informed that there would be no meeting tomorrow.

The public expected the Crisis Staff to meet tomorrow, because epidemiologist Dr Predrag Kon said after the session of the Crisis Staff on Friday that the next session of the Crisis Staff would be held on Tuesday.

The medical part of the Crisis Staff does not give up on its demands, and as epidemiologist Branislav Tiodorović said, it is necessary to shorten the working hours to a week and another weekend without cafes and restaurants, in order to suppress the spread of the coronavirus. Today, 4.091 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Serbia, and 17 people died.

Behind us is the weekend during which all catering facilities and shops were closed from 12 o'clock on Saturday until six o'clock this morning.


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