The end: Patients are sent outside Belgrade VIDEO

Director of Infectious and Tropical Diseases Clinic, Goran Stevanović, stated that the system is overstressed because non-COVID patients must also be treated.

Source: B92
Tanjug/Tara Radovanović
Tanjug/Tara Radovanović

After the meeting of the Minister of Health with the directors of COVID and non-COVID hospitals, he stated that the number of admissions is still large, higher than the number of discharges, and that additional capacities have been engaged in KBC "Dragisa Misovic", KBC "Zemun" and VMC "Karaburma". Batajnica is nearing the end of its capacity.

Therefore, it was agreed that the emphasis should be placed on the admission of COVID patients to the COVID hospital in Krusevac, and today or tomorrow patients from Belgrade will have to be sent to Krusevac, said Dr Stevanovic and explained that the goal is to preserve hospitals in non-COVID system to stay in that system.

"According to the situation in the coming days, we will make further decisions, what to do and how to adjust the system," Stevanovic said.

He added that the goal of all maneuvers is to preserve the current capacities as much as possible, that is, not to introduce new hospitals into the COVID system, so that non-COVID patients have someone to help them.

Dr Stevanović also pointed out that a big problem is that there are a certain number of people who deny the existence of the virus, as well as that they have a negative attitude towards vaccination, but he points out that this is the only way to return to normal life.

"The only two measures proposed by the Crisis Staff that are important are vaccination and cessation of all contacts, if they are not essential. We can do it alone, if there is good will, we do not need measures for that", said Stevanović, answering the question of what the medical part of the Crisis Staff will ask for at the session tomorrow.


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