Warning: Coronavirus began to spread among the schoolchildren

There is a slight increase in children with coronavirus, which require hospital treatment, head of the Children's Clinic of the "Dragisa Misovic" hospital said.

Source: FoNet
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ archideaphoto
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ archideaphoto

According to Dr Olivera Ostojić, the number of examinations in outpatient clinics is also growing. They are mostly older elementary and high school students, which is to be expected, since they returned from vacation.

On the other hand, we do not know whether they became infected at school or in the family, because mostly their parents are also infected, and we know that many of them used the holidays to go to ski resorts, Ostojic told "Blic".

As she pointed out, those children fortunately have mild symptoms and do not need hospital treatment, "but the number of examinations has really increased."

"It is not such a terrible situation, we currently have nine children in the ward, but that number constantly varies. For example, about ten days ago we had only three hospitalized patients, then that number had grown to 15 during the weekend before the holidays," Ostojic said.


Lockdown for the weekend?

The session of the Crisis Staff is scheduled for tomorrow, and it will discuss the current epidemiological situation in the country. Two potential scenarios.

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