Gak: Video from the "Castle" kindergarten is authentic, responsible will be punished

The recorded footage of child abuse in the "Castle" kindergarten is authentic, the city secretary for education and child protection, Slavko Gak, said today.

Source: Tanjug
Ilustracija: Shutterstock/ Dmitri Ma
Ilustracija: Shutterstock/ Dmitri Ma

He pointed out that he would demand the strictest punishment for the perpetrators of abuse and for the preschool institution.

Gak told RTS that the extraordinary control of the work of the kindergarten was partially carried out yesterday, which was interrupted due to the worsening of the health condition of the director of the kindergarten.

He says that the secretariat received a question from the daily newspaper Srpski Telegraf on Wednesday, and they immediately acted on that issue, since no petitions from citizens regarding the work of the "Zamak" kindergarten in Voždovac arrived.

"Yesterday, an extraordinary control was carried out, in one part, because it was interrupted at one point, because the director of the kindergarten fell ill. The ambulance stabilized her health condition, but they stated that they cannot resume the supervision. The recording is authentic. It happened in exactly that way, in that preschool institution", Gak stated.

He said that he would personally advocate that the process be carried out to the end and that he would demand the strictest punishment, when the perpetrators are in question, but also for the preschool institution. Gak emphasized that such behavior is not allowed in either a state or a private preschool institution, and added that he would have had the same requests if the abuse had taken place in a state kindergarten.

He explained that the inspection, which was sent to the extraordinary control yesterday, did not receive written statements due to the worsening health condition of the director, who is also the wife of the owner of the kindergarten.

"What the educational inspection managed to find out through the oral conversation with them until that moment is that the lady who is seen on the video, who is committing a kind of physical violence, is being treated in the preschool as a cleaning lady", Gak stated. He pointed out that it must be determined who are the people who perform and implement the educational program in that preschool institution and that this is the first and key question, as well as whether they have enough educators, whether they are adequately educated and whether the obtained necessary licenses.

"If it turns out that everything is as we have it today, only from an interview with the director of the kindergarten, I will ask for the strictest punishment, and one of those is the most rigorous - to close this preschool and cancel the license," he said.

After learning from the media that children in a private kindergarten were exposed to violence, Ombudsman initiated a procedure to control the regularity and legality of the work of the Secretariat for Education and Child Protection of the City of Belgrade.

Ombudsman Zoran Pašalić pointed out for RTS that the laws must be respected when establishing educational institutions and that he will ask for the facts on the manner of the establishment of their business.

He points out that such situations can be prevented very easily and that there are rules according to which preschool institutions can be organized and that strict and detailed controls can be used to see if the conditions are met. "If they are not, we should close such institutions and prevent them from working," Pasalic said.

Gak also stated that the news that a child with disabilities was abused in the "Zamak" kindergarten was not true, but that it was a healthy child.

He added that the rules on the establishment of preschool institutions and schools are really strict, but that abuses are frequent.

"They have everything during the verification. Regular controls are being carried out, a plan is being made. We are really acting immediately at every citizen's request," Gak said. When it comes to the "Zamak" kindergarten, the biggest problem is that, as he said, so far no objections have been received from parents or employees in the kindergarten.

"Every preschool institution is obliged to have a parents' council, which must be included in the work of that preschool institution, and certainly parents should take that control role," Gak concluded.


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