Dr Srdja Jankovic on the safety of vaccines

Immunologist Srdja Jankovic said there was no evidence that one coronavirus vaccine was better than another, but that they were all safe.

Source: B92, Tanjug
Foto: Printscreen/Prva TV (Arhiva)
Foto: Printscreen/Prva TV (Arhiva)

He told Prva TV that each of them protects and can significantly help, and that when it is proven that one vaccine is better than the other, it will go into the protocols.

"For now, these are just assumptions. The fact that I received the Pfizer vaccine does not mean that I give it an advantage, but that it was the first available to my colleagues in Tirsova. I would have received any other if it had been available then," said Janković.

As he said, those who want to receive the vaccine do not have to do a PCR test, but if they are infected with the virus, the vaccine will not help them and will not raise the immune response in time, but it will not help.

"A person will get sick with corona, but of course he is not immunized enough. It takes three weeks for the vaccine to work, but there is no risk or danger. The vaccine cannot do any harm, except that it will not be able to help yet," Jankovic explained.

What about penicillin allergy?

He also stated that a doctor, based on a chronic disease of a patient, should assess whether or not he can receive the vaccine.

"Most people who get vaccinated will not have contraindications, because vaccines are not live and do not have a wide range of restrictions for chronic diseases. Some drugs are a hundred times more dangerous than vaccines," he emphasizes.

As he says, those who are allergic only to penicillin, have nothing to fear, because penicillin is not among the components of the vaccine. He adds that the arrival of vaccines does not mean that we should relax too soon. За додатне информације о превођењу треба вам изворни текст


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