Crisis Staff decided: Extended working hours. What about New Year's Eve? VIDEO

After the Crisis Staff session, it has been determined to extend working hours of all catering facilities, shopping centers and shops, the media report.

Source: B92

The working hours of all facilities will be extended until 8 p.m.

Cafes and restaurants will be able to work longer than before, but without music, considering that the transmission of the virus is much higher when people talk louder, they are more relaxed and it is easier to transmit the virus, Dr Branislav Tiodorović said after the session.

This decision of the Crisis Staff is a proposal that will be forwarded to the Government of Serbia today, and which could adopt this proposal at the session during the day.

This would mean that this new working hours can be applied as early as tomorrow. These new relaxed measures are scheduled until Friday, when a new session of the Crisis Staff is scheduled. It is expected that then it could be clearer with what measures we will celebrate the New Year and Christmas.

Just to reiterate, the working hours of cafes and restaurants, shopping malls, service activities, such as hairdressers and beauticians, as well as all shops except grocery stores, are now until 5 pm, and on weekends all those facilities are closed.

"Yes, there was a slight decrease in the number of new patients, but only a slight one. We also have a smaller number of people in COVID hospitals. There was also a smaller number of first examinations in COVID clinics. Further decisions will depend on those numbers," Dr Tiodorović said.


Today 3.236 newly infected, 44 people died

According to the latest data, 3.236 new cases were recorded today, out of 14.444 tested for coronavirus. 44 people died.

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